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==What to do with them==
(5 NIGHT / 6 DAYS)
kuta- via Tanah lot-Rambut siwi-Ijen Banyuwangi-Alas purwo wilds-
Grajagan-Sukamade wilds-Meru betiri wilds-Kalibaru-Bali.
Kuta-Banyuwangi: Day 1
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Start from Kuta(08:00)drive to Tanah lot temple drop in or just passing by, we drive via southwestern part of Bali island. on the way along see terrace rice paddy field and rustic village spread entire region also can stop in best picture stop (Antosari village) and do drop in Rambut siwi temple(11:30), one of Bali’s 9 directional temple(nawa sanga 9 very important temples for Bali Hindu’s) while drive, you can also ask the driver to stop for taking pictures, needs something to buy, or go for toilet, these tour accompanied by accommodative driver / guide to collecting any tourist idea / opinions.
At15:00 arrive in Gilimanuk ferry-port a place for take us to Java (Banyuwangi) its take 30 minutes crossing Bali’s strait. For lunch the time and place decided by tour participants depend on mayor votes, later arrive in Banyuwangi town hotel check in. After check in we make quick trip around the town by sit on Pedi-cab(Becak) or Horse-cart(Andong) to see local market, Tan-hu-cin-jin Chinese temple built in 1784 , and pasar senggol (food-court night market) 18:30 return to hotel stay the night.
Banyuwangi-Ijen crater: Day 2
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After had a breakfast, check out of the hotel 07:00 west Indonesian time(have to suit your watch) drive up to Licin(ledjin) village, passing through Kebun Kalibendo(plants of cacao, cloves, coffee, and rubber, many others industry plants) and thick of lush rainforest where giant fern trees still stand in this natural reserve. Winding up road head us to the Ijen gate, 10:00 have pause here at Ranger’s post, be prepare before further hike up to slope of Ijen crater. It’s about 1 hour and half is needed to ascend the rim of crater so do return, with shady green and sand-strewn track beside good panorama for your picture click. Very often can be seen java wild eagle flying around and around the mountain and that will good catch for your camera, take a rest on the edge of crater (2368mtr) while open up your lunch box with awesome views. On way up or back down, you will meet sulfur collectors shouldering 80kg yellow sulfur, they pick sulfur up from the hot smoke billows out of volcano’s vent. At 13:30 straight ward to Belawan Hot spring drive through greenly savanna of Ijen plateau, enjoy day spa-like or just soaking your feet in the spring. Adjacent of the hot spring 200meter is single drop waterfall. After satisfied seen around Belawan hot spring get back to your Hotel in Banyuwangi.
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Banyuwangi-Alas purwo national park: Day 3
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Pick you up takes you to G-land beach by entering the thick jungle of Alas purwo national park’s one of two the last wildlife natural conservation in java’s island . Alas purwo has nice surfer beaches, hundreds cave of hope, wildlife nature, savannah desert, mangrove, and lowland monsoon forest. A Hindu’s temple will us visit its in the right of the park “Pura giri seloka” attracting many pilgrims everyday comes to this forest
the park is 434. A 2 square km occupied the whole of the Blambangan peninsula.
On our way back if it the time enough turn left heading to Grajagan beach and an angler village, after short visit here the car driving east-coast side to Muncar fish town.
Muncar is largest of catching fish product in Indonesia, no wonder this town has many fabrics/manufactures related with fish product such as ; poultry feeds, fish bite, freeze tuna, instant can fish, concentrate feed, cow feed, and shrimp pasta, also fish smell and etc, (17:00) return to hotel in Banyuwangi.
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Banyuwangi-Sukamade (turtle spawning ground): Day 4
Morning (08:00) after had, breakfast and check out of the hotel we pick you up take you to Sukamade village. On our way go stop in numbers of craftsmen villages such as: Gintangan village, Indonesia’s largest bamboo craftsman village, they produce whole material thing made of bamboo such as; kitchen set, furniture set, shopping bag, plate dish, basket, lamp shade, now their product being export 60% and the rest for Bali as a market place for their product. Next one go Alas malang (12:30) village a silver village not silver shops as one you seen in Bali but silver work garages, because people not interested in silver thing also only send for Bali market. Subsequently afterward we go to Alian village / Karangsari village to see kitchen tool set made of aluminums / stainless steel, then we drive direct to Sukamade village(16:30) need to stay a night here in ranger huose of sukamade we made night tour to watch the turtles laid their eggs.
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We must observe their nest only at night.
Sukamade-Meru betiri national park-Kalibaru: Day 5
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Check out of the ranger’s house, depart to Mer ubetiri national park in the north of Sukamade beach (08:00). We will take one ranger companion to leading us enter to Merubetiri wilderness, the wildlife mostly found in this mountain forests such-like: leopard, wild pig, deer, bull, land squirrels, civets, pangolin and of course Java tiger, and the bird life is prolific hornbills, rhinoceros hornbill, whoosh and honk overhead also has others singing birds. Soon after finish jungle hike, we go to Kalibaru (17:00) to stay overnight here.
Kalibaru-Village tour-Bali: Day 6
After breakfast/check out of hotel, .go for short village tour we will visit plot of coffee and cloves in the smaller village north of Kalibaru’s train station. There are has many Kebun plantations but the main plantation of interest is kebun Kendeng lembu to see rubber tapping, as well as coffee and cacao processing. Then after seen the plants return to Bali (drop off in Pemuteran/Lovina/Kuta) or Surabaya and the rough country adventure tour is finish.
Price’s 405 USD /person, min. 2 person
Private car-transport, Horse cart/Pedi cab, 3 night stay at Jasmine hotel in Banyuwangi(twin sharing) 1 night stay in Sukamade, 1 night stay in Kalibaru, entrance fees, ferry fee, professional well-trained English-Japanese speaking guide.
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