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"Tata Somba" houses in Benin and Togo

غرب آفریقا منطقه غرب آفریقا است. این منطقه از شمال به ساحل، و در جنوب و غرب به اقیانوس اطلس محدود شده است.

این منطقه پرجمعیت ترین منطقه آفریقااست که در با ارزش ترین مسیرها در آن قرار می گیرد.


Countries of West Africa
A safe and relatively easy country for travellers to visit; birthplace of the Voodoo religion and former home of the Kingdom of Dahomey.
Landlocked country that is very off the beaten path for visitors.
کیپ ورد
Tiny Atlantic island group off the coast of Senegal with wonderful beaches.
ساحل عاج
Formerly something of a jewel in the West African crown, this nation has taken huge steps backwards due to recent political driven conflict.
Tiny coastal nation popular with European beach package tourists and birdwatchers.
So-called "Africa for Beginners"—West Africa's richest, most-English speaking country, with highly varied landscapes, a few off-the-beaten-path beach getaways, and the solemn, imposing slave castles of the coast west of Accra.
گینه نو
Some great hill scenery (the Switzerland of Africa), major rainforests and Atlantic beaches, ravaged by decades of political turmoil and lawlessness.
گینه بیسائو
A former Portuguese colony which has been through lots of struggle since independence and is little visited by travellers.
Settled by former African American slaves in the 19th Century, this country has been through murderous conflicts, and it is too dangerous to visit outside Monrovia.
A vast, dangerous, chaotic, overpopulated, and always fascinating country, with great wealth—little of it shared with its people.
West Africa's other "visitor-friendly" destination, with tasty food, nice beaches, and French colonial history.
Some of the best beaches anywhere in the world, and huge potential for tourism, but held back by enormous transport infrastructure problems and extreme poverty.
A small, sleepy country that is home to no less than 40 different ethnic groups, and the surreal villages of Tamberma Valley.

گاهی اوقات موریتانی، مالی، نیجر و چاد نیز به عنوان کشورهای غرب آفریقا در نظر گرفته می شود.

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